SolarWorld Throws One Hell of a 40th Birthday Party

In the photo above, Solarworld Americas CEO Mukesh Dulani prepares to cut a PV module-designed cake with a laser, just one of the many delights at a truly buoyant conference hosted by him and his company this week in Portland.  Of note, this evening was our meeting Raju Yenamandra, SolarWorld Director of Business Development & Latin America, who is celebrating his 35 years with Solarworld and its predecessor owners, all the way back to Solar Technology Inc., and founder Byron Zerphy.  I mentioned our Arco M-51 module and he identified the year of manufacture as 1981; Raju is able to do this because he was there when those modules were designed and manufactured.  Factoid:  Did you know that the glass-laminated PV panels as we know them were invented by Zerphy and his company that is now SolarWorld?  It was indeed a pleasure to speak with Mr. Yenamandra, to get his perspective on this ground-breaking company, and to hear some back-stories of its early history.