Solar Service & Monitoring

We stay with our customers for the life of the system.

Our service department has long been a point of pride.

• Remove & Reinstall solar for reroofing
• Move / Remove panels for a home remodel
• Microinverter & string Inverter replacement
• Solar panel cleaning
• System upgrades
• Monitoring maintenance and troubleshooting
• Whole home consumption monitoring
• Other Services
• Pest abatement
• Real Estate Inspections for buyers & sellers
• Snow Guards
• General System health inspections
• Custom live monitoring kiosk for lobbies


You may need to change out your roof at some point during the lifetime of your solar system. Please fill out the email form below. Select Remove & Reinstall from the drop down menu and answer all the questions. We will contact you as soon as we can to start that conversation. We also do this for systems that we did not install – just contact us!

While roof leaks are rare, they do happen. Our team gives our full attention to any reported leaks. We can usually get out there the same, or next day to assess and mitigate the situation. Call or send us an email as soon as you detect any leak in the area of your rooftop solar panels.

Absolutely! Many regional installers have come and gone in the past decade. Puget Sound Solar has been a locally owned and operated company for over 23 years. We have the experience to help with most any solar system installation and have long standing relationships with most equipment manufacturers. Call or write to us to have a conversation about any issue you may have. 

Every home is unique. Give our sales department a call to consult about any expansions you’d like to have on your existing solar system. 

  • Gateway Not Reporting / Connectivity
  • If we installed your system after 2023 – you may have one of our Wi-Fi extender devices installed. Please contact us and we can walk you through reconnecting it to your new Wi-Fi network. 
  • If you have not changed anything with your Wi-Fi or internet connection, then there may be other issues. Please contact us via email or call Mon-Thurs 9am – 5pm.
  • Microinverter Not Reporting
    • This could be a number of possible causes. Please contact our Service Department.