We have a chance in this short legislative session to finally renew and reform our ten-year old solar incentive program, starting with House Bill 2346, sponsored by Representatives Jeff Morris and Norma Smith.  If you will, please help with the effort to pass this legislation by CLICKING HERE.

In 2005 the Washington State Legislature created the Renewable Energy Cost Recovery Incentive Payment Program designed to help build a state solar manufacturing sector and assist Washington residents with putting solar systems on homes, commercial buildings and community facilities. Over the past ten years the solar incentive program has been enormously successful:

(Source: http://pre.thesolarfoundation.org/solarstates/washington)

The existing program successfully supports choices for consumers’ energy needs as well as a burgeoning solar industry, but is scheduled to expire in 2020. Without reasonable changes its effectiveness will be significantly reduced. To maintain the positive benefits of this program and continue the deployment of clean renewable energy systems while expanding energy choice for Washingtonians, we are proposing the following changes to the state’s solar incentive program:

We will post progress from the effort as it happens. To read the bill, click here.