The debut of Racing To The Electric Car Future.

We’re excited to announce the installation of a 225 square foot mosaic tile mural Racing To The Electric Car Future at our offices on the corner of Rainier and Dearborn. The mural is an adaptation by Majken Ryherd from the new children’s book Sparky’s Electrifying Tale, written by Janelle London and Matthew Metz of Coltura and illustrated by Ilya Fortuna. This is the first children’s book about the harms of gasoline.

What can two children and a hamster do about climate change and air pollution? Tina and Rory follow gasoline’s trail from the age of the dinosaurs to the family car and beyond, their journey illuminated by the vivid imagination of their new pet hamster, Sparky. Just when Rory has had it with gasoline, Sparky magically finds a solution.

Sparky even has some fun activities for kids – quizzes, coloring pages, word searches and a sliding puzzle!

The mosaic mural project was designed by Majken Ryherd and most of the recycled materials (tile, ceramic, glass and mirror) were collected and donated by Ridwell and it’s members. Special thanks to Bridget Culligan who donated the workspace for the project.

The mural on the corner of Rainier and Dearborn above six EV charging stations at Puget Sound Solar/EV Support.
A close-up of Sparky behind the wheel.
Jeremy Smithson (Puget Sound Solar/EV Support), Majken Ryherd (Mosaics by Majken), Matthew Metz (Coltura) and Erin Gagnon (Ridwell) holding copies of Sparky’s Electrifying Tale.

This is such an amazing public art project on so many levels. Using one of Seattle’s busiest intersections to promote the transition to electric vehicles and Sparky’s Electrifying Tale; modeling up the space in SketchUp; creating a design based on a children’s book; gathering up the recycled materials; and finding more than 40 volunteers to build the mosaic was quite a feat. We’re grateful for everyone who participated and we’re excited to be part of the project. We invite everyone down to check out the awesome artwork and while there, charge your electric vehicle for free underneath the mural and don’t forget to order a copy of the book for a child in your life.

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