Watch Stonehenge’s Winter Solstice Celebration Live

While today, December 21st, 2021 is referred to as the winter solstice, the solstice is actually the precise moment when the earth’s north pole is tipped the furthest away from the sun and that occurred this morning at 7:58 am PST. This marks the start of winter and the day in which we’ll get the […]

193 Countries Unique Climate Crisis Postcards

The New York Times compiled an amazing and scary collection of examples showing how our planet is already experiencing the Climate Crisis. No corner of the earth is immune. 193 member states in the United Nations are represented individually as the threat the Climate Crisis presents varies from region to region, but the whole planet […]

Clean Energy Needs To Be Clean

As our world transitions from fossil fuels because of the carbon emissions we need to be sure we don’t replace one problematic fuel type with another one that destroys our planet. One of the strongest arguments for moving away from petroleum, coal and nuclear energy is the environmental damage these energy sources do to the […]