Washington State Solar Grants

Washington’s Department of Commerce has an important role in the adoption of solar in our State through Grants and programs like the Clean Energy Fund. There are currently nine solar projects totalling 2.8 megawatts are receiving $3.7 million in grants to target low-income households and nonprofits serving low-income communities by reducing their electrical costs over […]

Re-Roofing Does Not Qualify For The Solar Tax Credit

Occasionally, we get asked the question if traditional re-roofing expenses also qualify for the 26% solar Federal ITC program and we’ve always been clear with our customers that re-roofing does NOT qualify for the solar tax credit. The IRS’s website is very straightforward about the intention and limits on what is eligible for the solar […]

Earth BBQ

“Bring on the aliens. They might do a better job taking care of our planet.” – David Horsey, Seattle Times.

PSE Green Power Solar Grants – Up To $100k Per Solar Project

Know any non-profits, public housing authorities, or tribal entities serving low-income or Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community members? They may be eligible for PSE’s Green Power Solar Grant funding that would help to offset their electrical costs while also helping PSE achieve it’s goal of greening up it’s power mix. Religiously affiliated […]

EV’s Retake The Roads And Homes Are Next

Over one hundred years ago, electric vehicles were available and the preferred option until the lure of cheap petroleum and longer range became available with internal combustion engines. In the interim, electric cars were mostly forgotten but the advent of lithium-ion batteries combined with the threat of the Climate Crisis sparked a renewed interest in […]

Winds Of Change

Puget Sound Energy, (PSE) recently announced a plan to purchase wind power from Montana as part of it’s effort to replace its coal generated electricity by 2025 – as mandated by Washington law. These wind turbines will be located in the same region as the Colstrip coal plants, creating 350 construction jobs and 20 full […]

Utilities Gambling With Wildfire Prevention

Remember last years wildfires sparked by downed Utility power lines? The ones that completely destroyed the town of Malden? 121 homes incinerated? Two Washington State Utilities, Avista and Puget Sound Energy have decided to not develop plans to shut down their electrical grid as a preventative measure and believe they have enough fire prevention measures […]

Recycling Is An Important Part Of The Clean Energy Revolution

The Climate Crisis is accelerating our transition from toxic fossil fuels to clean renewable energy. As part of this paradigm shift, it’s important we protect the planet when solar panels and batteries reach the end of their life cycle. The good news is that most of the components in both products are recyclable and companies […]

Nick’s Serving Up Solar

What a pleasant surprise Sunday morning when we got our paper and saw a photo our own Nick Bottomley on the top of the fold of The Seattle Times carrying a solar panel! Turns out the Times wasn’t doing a cover story on the most experienced solar company in the Puget Sound region but rather […]