Our Spiraling Climate Crisis

Sometimes, it’s helpful to get a visual on the overwhelmingly large data sets related to Our Climate Crisis. Scientists at NASA put together a graph showing the monthly global temperature anomalies (changes from an average) between the years 1880 and 2021. Whites and blues indicate cooler temperatures, while oranges and reds show warmer temperatures. The […]

Heat Dome Or Juneuary?

While we’re for waiting for Juneuary to pass so we can enjoy a typical beautiful Seattle summer, think back on the intensity of the record setting 108 degree heat dome we experienced about this time last year. We’ll take our Juneuary over another heat dome. In contrast to what we’re experiencing locally, other parts of […]

Watch Out For Solar Scammers – Get Multiple Quotes

Young Industry = Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) Since our founding in 2001, Puget Sound Solar’s witnessed a lot of changes in the solar industry including the creation of local and federal incentives that helped the industry scale up and drove prices down more than 90% in just the past decade. We’ve seen new technologies and […]